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Referred by our customers to family, friends & neighbors since 2001. Reviews 
  • "We are absolutely delighted with the window inserts. They look great and
      make a tremendous difference in the snugness of our home. No more drafts!"
       Steve O. - Cedar Falls, IA
  • "The order process was very easy and the installation was a snap
      ... my heating costs have been reduced each year by about 30%"
       Don L. - Coldspring, TX
  • "I LOVE THEM... You are more than welcome to use my testimony.
      The inserts are that great!"
       Becky M. - Oil City, PA
  • "AWESOME!!! Congratulations to you guys on creating a useful product that
    beats anything on the market."
       Mims & Deva W. - St. Louis, MO
  • "Not enough E's in sweet to describe how sweet they fit and work!"
       Eric O. - Franklin, WI
  • They worked great. I have reduced my electric bills..."
       Dannie N. - N. Richland Hills, TX
  • "...truly ideal, works great and the inserts are extremely easy to use
    and look great."
       George R. - Wells, ME
  • "the Energy audit people said the insert was doing a fabulous job and they
      would recommend getting those instead of replacing the windows..."
       Joy L - Storrs, CT
  • "I am very pleased with both the performance and construction of
    these inserts, I am SOLD!"
       Keith B. - Fultonville, NY
  • "Hey, these inserts are really nice - we've noticed how they have
      cut out the "breeze" from our windows. Thanks again - great product."
       Laurie M. - Tucson, AZ
  • These windows plus the addition of insulation in our Texas home
      reduced the utility bills, summer and winter, by over 60 percent...
       Lee S. - Texas (ordered again for his Michigan home)

Window Insert Reviews, Testimonials, Endorsements & Feedback

We have thousands of satisfied customers across the US.

Hello, I received them - totally happy with your product. I will be doing more business with you in the future. Happy New Year

Robert F.
Beaverton, OR, Jan 2013

We received the inserts late this afternoon and have installed them. They were perfect! Thanks for being so speedy. We will be passing on information to friends and neighbors, hoping they will order some, too.

Cindy S.
Mackay, ID, Dec 2012

You guys totally exceeded expectations in how quickly you built and shipped them. And they're great. They're easy to install and have made a noticeable difference in the comfort of the room they are in.

Jonathan K.
Boulder Creek, CA, Dec 2012

The inserts are in and they are FABULOUS! The moisture is almost all gone, they look perfect and boy did they stop the breeze.

You are awesome. Thank you so much.

Dawn I.
Telluride, CO, Nov 2012

Energy Saver Window Inserts are a great solution for historic homes. Without destroying the integrity of our home's architecture, we have eliminated window drafts without going through the expense of custom window replacement. Also, EnergySaver offers exceptional customer support when you need it. I have recommended this product to my friends.

Joe S.
Syracuse, NY, Nov 2012 (Ordered inserts in 2010)

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new porch window inserts...they fit perfect, look great, and so far have stood the 20mph wind test!

We will probably be ordering more for other windows in the house.

Thanks Again!

Marc B.
North Easton, MA, Nov 2012

Got these and they're great. Even my husband was amazed at how fast they went up. You have great service and a great product.

Carolyn H.
Tucson, AZ, Nov 2012

I installed those window inserts on Saturday morning. Those are amazingly clear. I was impressed with how easy they were to install. Need to do some measuring and get pricing for my other 6 windows I want to do.


Steve B.
Marble Rock, IA, Nov 2012

I am so STOKED about how awesome these inserts are! I can already tell my oil fueled heater is NOT cutting on as often nor is my A/C! Im so excited to see what the first bill is going to bethe weather has been below 60 a few days and above 75 on others so its been a bit unpredictable and I have to keep my home temperature about 70 all the time so I just switch to heat or A/C as needed but neither of the two would kick on, NOT AS NEARLY AS MUCH AS LAST YEAR!! Its AMAZING! Im definitely pleased and so grateful for the time and attention you gave me as your client. I plan to spread the word about your product with every opportunity I have! The shipping packaging albeit it was large, was light weight and not cumbersome at all.the installation was SO EASY!

Caresse C.
Vienna VA, Oct 2012

I received the starter today. Its just as the testimonials describe. Plan on receiving the order for the balance next week.

"We received and installed the inserts yesterday. They fit perfectly and have made an immediate difference. Our condo is noticeably more comfortable. I have already recommended inserts to friends and neighbors so hopefully you will see more orders from Utah.

Thanks so much."

Ted G.
Park City, UT - Oct 2012

I have to tell you that I've lived in my house for 10 years and every summer our bedroom is easily 5-10 degrees hotter than the rest of the upstairs (it has 9 huge windows and faces west) and freezing in the winter. Since I installed the inserts, the room stays as cool as the rest of the house and is infinitely more comfortable. I didn't believe it could happen. I can't wait to see what happens when it gets over 100 again. Thanks so much! I'll be ordering more.

Amy S.
Fort Worth, TX - Jul, 2012

Forty one months (3 1/2 years). That's how long I have had my EnergySavr Windows. In February of 2009 I was under pressure to do something about our energy cost. In December 2008 and January of 2009 my electric bill was hitting $500.00. That was not sustainable. So I when to work on the house to make it more energy efficient. More insulation, fix doors, leaks, etc, etc. But the biggest problem was our windows. We have seventeen windows in the house and replacing them at that time was not an option because of the cost involved.

I got lucky thanks to the internet.

After researching for hours about how to shore up my windows to make them more energy efficient without replacing them, I ran onto the EnergySavr web site. Wow, this sounds interesting I said to myself. If inserts placed into my windows could create a dead space between the window and the insert creating a high R fixture, that might do the trick. The cost was reasonable and the company was willing to send me a sample insert for proof of concept.

They worked great. I have reduced my electric bills to under $200. The inserts were the biggest part of this change.

Dannie N.
N. Richland Hills, TX - May, 2012

I live on a lake in east Texas. My house faces north and I have 12 windows looking out at the lake. In the winter, cold fronts come across about 10 miles of open water and right at my house.

After several winter seasons of having a cold and drafty house and high energy bills, I purchased window inserts from Energy$avr. The order process was very easy and the installation was a snap.

I have had the inserts for 2 winter seasons and my heating costs have been reduced each year by about 30%...

If you have leaky windows and are tired of a cold house and high energy costs, I highly recommend installing window inserts from EnergySavr.

Don L.
Coldspring, TX - Jun, 2012

I ordered window inserts last October and first of all I LOVE THEM. My sister has decided that she wants to get them... You are more than welcome to use my testimony. The inserts are that great!

Becky M.
Oil City, PA - Apr, 2012

We received our windows on Friday. We couldn't be more pleased. They're AWESOME! Not many good things give immediate results, but these inserts are the exception. We felt the chill magically disappear at the time of installation! Again, AWESOME!!! Congratulations to you guys on creating a useful product that beats anything on the market. ( I feel like I've considered EVERYTHING).

Not to mention we'll be telling EVERYONE we can about the windows. I would say that I'm looking forward to next winter, but that'd be an overstep :)

Take care and I hope you guys have a prosperous 2012.

Mims & Deva W.
St. Louis, MO - Mar, 2012

I own a modern retail shop that has a large storefront with commercial single pane glass windows from floor to ceiling. Being in the Pacific NW, our heating bill was significant. I had spoke with several commercial contractors to find solutions for additional insulation; the responses were hopeless from financial feasibility. I discovered Window Inserts and after speaking with Eric, send him my measurement and order with some level of skepticism. We received the materials, very well packaged. We installed the panels, some of which were very large: 62" x 75". But the panels-frames were strong, rigid and aesthetically matching to the existing window frames, the foams around the edges gave us enough room to snugly fit the panels, and the measurements were impeccable. We installed a 21' x 10' wall of panels in less than 50 minutes with two people and a puzzle of panel sizes without any glitch and it looks terrific!

The transparent film, while soft to the touch, did not create any noticeable visual distortions and did not sag even when exposed to bright sunlight and the room temperature reading 95 degrees -- I had to test it! Eric was pleasant to work with on pricing.

Raj P.
Beaverton, OR - Feb, 2012

My wife and I live in North Dakota in a house built in the 1920s. We knew we had to do something with the windows since they are original to the house,and how cold our winters get. I searched online and found your EnergySavr Window Inserts website. I ordered a starter window, and after the easy install we knew this product would be a good option for our house and budget. We were impressed with the fast shipping and the friendly customer service. We recommend this to anyone who wants to be more comfortable in their house and save money.

Matt & Jodi Z.
North Dakota - Feb, 2012

Your window inserts arrived yesterday. They are FABULOUS! The clarity is better than I have ever seen in "plastic film" storm windows. We really appreciate your one on one working with me and the quality and timeliness of the final product. Please tell your workers how happy and Satisfied we are with your products.

Rol & Lynn
Heath, MA - Feb, 2012

We are absolutely delighted with the window inserts. They look great and make a tremendous difference in the snugness of our home. No more drafts!

Steve O.
Cedar Falls, IA - Jan, 2012

I'd been looking for a way to add insulating effectiveness to my Andersen Windows and came across your site as I could not find anything on the market that would not void the warranty of my windows. Living in Maine, we're always looking for ways to keep warm. Thank you for the product you provide. It is truly ideal, works great and the inserts are extremely easy to use and look great. The craftsmanship is excellent and your service and timeliness in shipping is exemplary. I will refer you to all my friends; I think your product is wonderful.

George R.
Wells, ME - Jan, 2012

Thanks so much for the window insert. We received it in good condition. Before ordering more inserts, we thought it would be interesting to see what the Energy audit people had to say about them. The audit involves sucking all the air out of your house and then looking for places where air is seeping back in. They said the insert was doing a fabulous job and they would recommend getting those instead of replacing the windows...

The Energy guys said they had never seen anything like those before. We gave them your information so they might turn out to be valuable marketing agents for you.

Joy L
Storrs, CT - Oct, 2011 (Ordered the rest in Dec, 2011)

We bought a bunch of window inserts about four years ago for our 1880s KY farmhouse and have been meaning to get back to you on how pleased we are with them. They are holding up great and they make the place so much more comfortable in the winter, even with the original blown-glass windows still in place.

Wayne & June G.
Shelbyville, KY - Nov, 2011

Not enough E's in sweet to describe how sweet they fit and work!

Eric O.
Franklin, WI - Oct, 2011

I received the window inserts the other day and I placed them in the window and they fit perfectly! What a difference they make. It is much warmer in the room now. Thank you so very very much. My plants are happy and I am happy that that chill in the air is gone now. : )

Thank you!

Gladys D.
Denver, Co - Oct, 2011

You were right, the installation was quicker than opening the box (very good wrapping)!

THEY FIT! We are having our first chilly October week and I can already feel the difference.... AND, I won't have to wear 4 layers of clothing with a blanket when I sit on my couch, and will no longer have to dive under the bed covers, dreading coming out to face the drafty winter cold.

Much Thanks,
Pam P.
Saint Louis, Mo - Oct, 2011

The windows were great as expected! What was really amazing was that I left the inserts place while I went to buy some weatherstrip and when I got home as I pulled the inserts out, the air behind them was really cold. It was cold standing in front of the old windows while I put them in, and then of course, no draft, it was great. It got into the 40's last night and is low 60's today and the electric heat is set at 69 and has not come on yet. I have a good feeling that with the condition of my 200+ year old house, these windows will save their cost in electric in the first year. The rest of the house is well insulated, it is just the widows that were killer. I am really glad I did not do sash packs now as this would have really ruined the beauty of the old glass. Plus the comfort factor and noise reduction is a huge plus. I am working on some more sizes for the upstairs next door and also a neighbor of mine, so I will be with you again shortly.

Terry C.
Aldie, Va - Oct, 2011

Thank you for the quote. I do totally understand why you bought half the company after seeing them work... I've experienced their awesomeness in my mom's house and have to agree they're amazing!

Karen M.
San Francisco, CA - Oct, 2011

Be my guest in using my quote, and who knows I might even have additional customers for you once my family sees how well these inserts work. I don't mind spreading the word on a quality product that actually works as advertised.

I received the starter insert in one piece yesterday, which by the way was packed very well. It fit perfectly, and it performed well. We had a cold spell last night, temperatures down to freezing, and this morning, every window in the house was sweating, except for the one with the insert in place. I am very pleased with both the performance and construction of these inserts, I am SOLD! I will be sending you payment today for the remainder of the order.

Keith B.
Fultonville, NY - Oct, 2011

I live in Chicago and bought some of your window inserts to keep out the cold this winter. Wow, they really did the trick!

John A
Chicago, IL - Apr, 2011

I wanted to let you guys know that I received my first electric bills since my installation. Given that the 2 month period was riddled with colder than normal temperatures and a snow storm, I saw significant savings of at LEAST 200.00 of my bill.

Lori B
Burien, WA - Mar, 2011

We purchased these window inserts for every window in our house and it has been one of the best decisions we have made. We absolutely love them! Our house was immediately noticeably warmer and much more comfortable to live in. The customer service we received from Eric was exceptional. He patiently worked with us in answering all our questions in a timely and professional manner. We put these inserts in a new house where the windows we chose had considerable cold air coming up through the tracking. Living in Wisconsin winters would have been far less enjoyable than they will now be with these inserts. Nothing comes through these! We would highly recommend Eric and his company to anyone looking for ways to be more energy efficient with today's heating and cooling prices.

Jan and Arnie
Eau Claire, WI - Mar, 2011

Just a quick note and question... These inserts have really made a difference in my house.. with the excessive winds this year in the Northeast as well as the cold the inserts have really made my house much more comfortable. I will note in the spring my savings in fuel.

Matt W.
New Boston NH - Feb, 2011

hey, these inserts are really nice - we've noticed how they have cut out the "breeze" from our windows. thanks again - great product.

Laurie M
Tucson, AZ - Feb, 2011

I have used these inserts thru one of the coldest winter stretches on record for Georgia and am very pleased with them. I think they are saving lots of heating fuel for me. I am very pleased with the inserts. I'm trying to get my neighbor to order some as well.

Doug K
Woodstock, GA - Follow up email Feb, 2011 perfectly. You guys need to get some salespeople out at the trade shows here in the rust belt of central PA. Hell, I could sell these for ya E A S I L Y

Troy W
York PA, - Feb, 2011

I thought you would appreciate some feeedback...

Just installed most of the inserts, and the ones I handled are perfect.

The only issue was that the shipping co (RL) was slow to deliver the last leg...failed to show one day....

This is a great product and should have been pushed by Obama with that "insulate your homes" initiative. Let me know when I can buy stock in the company :)

Best Regards.

Ed S
South Salem, NY - Jan, 2011

I ordered 4 inserts nine days ago. They showed up in 8 days. It took longer to get them out of the box than it did to install. I am anxious to see how I like them...some colder weather on the way for the weekend so I should know soon! If they perform like I think they will, I will keep them in mind for some customers of mine. I assume that you already know that they look great! Thanks!

Cozad, NE - Jan, 2011

How it going in the warm south??? Here in fargo it is the winter of the century with no temps above 10F. As you know I put the inserts in every window of my 2,000sf, 10 YO rambler because last year I had ice buildup on the inside of the windows on every pane to the point the wood was waterstained. This year with the inserts installed (by me) I have ZERO moistrure on the windows. Cant wait to see my heatin bill which was over $400/mo last year w/o the inserts.

John E
Fargo, ND - Jan, 2011

The inserts came beautifully packaged and they are wonderful. They fit just right and we can feel the difference. We have other windows to deal with and I am sure we will be ordering more. Perhaps I should invest!!

Jeff B
Huntington, NY - Nov, 2010

I'd said I'd send you pictures of your product installed (back in 08) and see that your web site is now full of great shots AND a spot on the TODAY show! Congratulations!!!

Kathy H
Corvallis, OR - Dec, 2010

I cannot tell you how much warmer my bathroom is with the insert installed in the skylight opening. Mercy, I am so glad I Googled you all. Thanks again

John B
Santa Fe, NM - Dec, 2010

Just wanted to tell you that my window inserts arrived yesterday. You packed them extremely well and everything came thru in fine order. I have installed them and can already tell a difference with less draftiness in my house.

Doug K
Woodstock, GA - Dec, 2010

This is the product I've been looking for! We had fast dropping temps and the two windows with the inserts were free of condensation on the glass. I wish I had found you 3 years ago when we bought this house.

Dallas, TX - Nov, 2010

I just wanted to let you know that the windows are great! We have had several nights of temps in the upper 30's and we have not had to turn the heat on!


Ft Worth, TX - Nov, 2010

thanks so much , they are great and have made a significant difference already. will demonstrate to other unit owners and offer your information and website to them

Rob M
Westbury, NY - Oct, 2010

Your window inserts work really well. It is now Winter and the house feels much warmer. Walking in front of the double glazed windows, one does not feel the cold radiating. Also, the water condensation on the windows is almost non existent.

Mike C
South Lake Tahoe, CA - Feb, 2010

Good morning Eric. I am remiss in not writing to you sooner. The inserts are a perfect fit. My wife is very happy with the appearance and I am happy with the lower energy costs. Several friends of ours have noticed them with very favorable impressions. Have passed on your website and, hopefully, you will see more interest from Wilton, CT. Hope business continues to be strong. All the best, Tom

Thomas M
New York, NY - Jan, 2010

Everything fit like a glove and I am really proud of the inserts. I can't wait to see what impact it has on our power bill. It definitely decreased the noise level. Thanks for everything and Merry Christmas,

Bob G
Register, GA - Dec, 2009

I want to thank you so much for the window inserts. I put them up last month and they have been doing a wonderful job of keeping the cold air out. The night time tempertures have already dropped into the high 30's and 40's. We've also had some extremely windy days. But its nice inside.

Will be talking to my neighbors about them.

Thanks again!

Arlington, VA - Nov, 2009

With the harsh winters here in northeast Illinois, even the best of windows can use a little help. Window Inserts allow me to open the curtains and sit comfortably by the window despite the -10 degree temperatures and blowing winds. A true cabin-fever fighter.

Thank you!

Barbara B
Gardner, IL - Sep, 2009

These windows plus the addition of insulation in our Texas home reduced the utility bills, summer and winter, by over 60 percent...

Go right ahead with the quote. I truly believe more people would do this sort of thing if they realized the short payback period. In Texas the payback was less than a year. All it takes are old windows. Once you price windows you are an incredible bargain.

Lee S
Texas (now ordering again for his Michigan home)

The Inserts came and I got them in the next day. IT has made a HUGE difference in the cooling and comfort-ability of my Home! You're right as well, it cut down on the dust I battled! I still have to dust, but it is ten times more manageable! People are crazy not to get this! I am working on a few has been very mild this Summer; we acually had a 88 degree High for the day, yesterday! It was chili at night! That is super rare, it was just over 110 the week before. The Inserts make it so that not only does my A/C cool more efficiently, it actually reaches a nice 78 and shuts off! Before it was a struggle to reach even 79/80..!

I am a total convert!

Phoenix, AZ

Eric, just a note to tell you that we LOVE our window inserts, that we bought over 2 years ago now, and that have made a tremendous difference in our heating bill.

Richard B.
Providence, RI

I LOVE my inserts.... they arrived and I immediately put them in the windows... the cold north wind came yesterday and my heater does not come on!! whoo whoo... wish I had gone ahead last year and just done this. how much propane I could have saved!!! thanks for a great product that WORKS!!

Ninnekah, OK

I think that the Window Inserts are reasonably priced and the best value when you want to save energy and not ruin the aesthetics of your room with the other options out there using plastic sheeting.

The Window Inserts are barely noticeable in my office, which is walls of windows Inserts. They are crystal clear, and once I lowered my blinds, which are kept tilted open, the window inserts blend right in.

I also really like the fact they I was not required to install any hardware into our historic woodwork. The inserts fit in tightly using just friction of the soft weatherstrippping.

Thank you Eric,

Bethlehem, PA

I'm very happy with the product you supplied. I looked long and hard for suitable interior storm windows for my late-1700's era cape; the fact that it is included in the National Register of Historic Places made it all the more important that I choose carefully. I am very happy that I went with your product. Though extremely strong, they are very light and easy to place - I installed all 25 in less than a half-hour - and have seen the condensation that was always a problem disappear almost completely. It's too early to tell what the oil savings will be, but the fact that warm, moist air is clearly not contacting the panes of glass makes it clear to me that it will be significant.

The product is will constructed, attractive, and nearly disappears on the inside once installed; from the outside, it is completely invisible. Just as important as the product itself, your personal attention to customer service is greatly appreciated. The small problem that we had with the order (wrong color on a few frames) was quickly taken care of in a most agreeable manner. It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and I am sure you will enjoy many years of encounters with happy customers.

Best wishes,

Eric, I got my order very fast after you notified me. Fed Ex was great! It took us a while to get out to the cabin to install the inserts. They are now on the windows. They fit ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I know they will help insulate the room from the colder weather. When the temperature drops to -30, I'll let you know if they remain nice and clear like they are right now. I'm already satisfied but if they solve that problem too, they will have passed the test beyond my expectations. We saved thousands of dollars by not having to install windows. And, the labor, to find someone to do the work....The inserts were easy and we did not need any help. (I have to admit though, I did get my carpenter neighbour over to measure. And, I'm glad he did because they fit "tight" and "snug" to get the perfect seal.)

My regards,

Manitoba, Canada

Dear Eric:

Recently installed the Energy Savr Windows that I purchased from you. They exceeded my expectations in every category:

A. Looks - like an expensive, custom storm window.

B. Installation - a breeze.

C. Functionality - significant noise reduction, no doubt that the tight seal will eliminate cold winter drafts.

D. Service - quick and courteous.

Thanks for a great, reasonably priced product that delivers what it promises.


D.Z. New York City, NY

Hey Eric,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for the exceptional job on the window inserts. They have far exceeded our expectations. Between the outside noise reduction and the fact that the furnace does not come on nearly as much as last year at this time of the year we are very happy with your product. Would like to give you a case scenario. We had an ice storm that hit St. Louis last week. It was the worst on record in over 30 years. Had over 600,000 people without power and as of this writing there are still over 100,000 without power. We were out for 3 1/2 days. The outside temperature was an average of 15-20 degrees at night. My girlfriend and I stayed at the house the entire time with no lights or heat, even at night. The lowest that the temp. got down to at night was 50 degrees in the house. If we had not purchased the window inserts there is no way that we could have stayed here with the single pane windows that we have originally. Our neighbors next door had thermal windows installed over the summer and they bugged out after the first night . Claimed it was too cold. That wasn't the case at our house though. I will admit that it was pretty boring and we did have to bundle up if you will but we never left. A big round of applause to you and your staff and to all the people that help you do what it is you do so well. Thank you very much once again for all of your help and for those amazing window inserts.

Ray St Louis, MO

Our window inserts were installed in January of 2006 and myself and my family noticed an immediate improvement in how cold drafts were reduced. I highly recommend them as an alternative to either new wooden double hung windows or to vinyl composite replacements. The entire cost of the 20 inserts was equivalent to what one new wooden window would cost or to what three composite windows would cost.


Steve E. - Saint Paul, Minnesota

These windows are much higher quality than I thought they would be. Not only do they help keep our house a comfortable temperature without the high costs, we’ve gotten compliments on their style and look.

Bill and Anna B., Los Angeles, CA

I live in a climate (California) where storm windows were overkill and would be much too expensive for the benefit I would derive. I found EnergySavr window inserts to be a great solution. I am in old house with single pane windows throughout and installed them on all my windows. They significantly improved the comfort in the house on cold nights and improved the uniformity of temperature throughout the house.

Fred in Woodside, California

We received the inserts on Sat. 12-10-05, installation was easy, last night our temp dipped to 6 below zero, and the room maintained the temperature of 70*, so we are more than pleased. Hope when it goes to 25 below the same will happen, thanks for all your help.

Happy Holidays Bryant & Louise Y. New Hampshire

They are great!
      - Stephen B. in Reno

My windows don't sweat anymore.
      - Claud M. in Carson City, NV

They work great! We no longer need blankets while watching tv in the living room.
      - Betty C. in Carson City, NV

Thank you for the window cozies! We are so much warmer and very happy.
      - Sheila Alfonso

I can't believe the difference these window warmers have made. We first had them put up in the rental house, and the tenants liked them so much we decided to try them in our house. Wow! What a difference- we are so much warmer and were able to turn the thermostat down several degrees and still be warm-thank you!
      - Judy Pristow

We tried first with just a few windows, then found we just had to do the rest in our house. Much warmer-very nice.
      - Loretta Wright

We tried the bedroom windows first, then decided we needed to do the whole house! What an improvement - a big fuel savings and so much warmer.
      - Mrs. Stumpf

These Window Warmer inserts are working great. A big difference!
      - Julie Hoffman

Absolutely more efficient. We watched our heating and electric bill go from $560 one month down to $350 the next. These will pay for themselves very quickly and after that it's just gravy. The house is so much warmer the increased comfort is just the best thing too.
      - Mr and Mrs Veltman

Very nice. We like the high quality of the window warmers and also the increased comfort-thank you.
      - Donald Dumble

Yes, they have made a difference. A very nice product.
      - Mr Doxey

Oh yes- A big help absolutely. We saved money and are definitely more comfortable.
      - Dan Bailey

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